Muvantex stands as a progressive family weaving mill, crafting furniture, decorative and curtain fabrics. We redefine elegance with a high degree of creativity.

We are a total provider where the customer is the heart of our craftsmanship. With the high-quality fabrics from our own weaving mill in combination with the selectively imported fabrics, the possibilities for our customers are limitless. Therefore, Muvantex continues to invest in new innovative options to elevate our products and services, ensuring an unparalleled experience for our customers.

Muvantex is a family business and was established in 1960 by the parents of the current business manager, Jo De Munster. Throughout the 1990s and to the present day, the company has grown substantially under the leadership of Jo and his wife to become a significant producer of textiles in Europe.

Since 2018 the third generation has entered the company, injecting new vitality into our business. The sons Gregory (Sales) and Mathieu (Operational) joined the company with great enthusiasm and ambition for the future.

High-quality and creative collections

Our high-quality and creative collections are undeniable assets. We always aim for the highest standards for the domestic and contract market. With exclusive designs, the customer is always able to produce an unique concept. The emphasis on quality in our fabrics not only contributes to the aesthetics but also ensures seamless processing and durable results, elevating the overall value of our textiles.

Our in-house experts, comprised of skilled designers and weavers, stand ready to engage in thoughtful consultations, ensuring that every specific design question is addressed with precision and creativity.

The high quality and standards that Muvantex approaches, led to a recognition of our daily effort and contribution. Muvantex therefore received the Oeko-Tex STeP on company level and the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 on product level.

Expertise at all levels

The core of Muvantex’s skills is rooted in the competence, expertise and dedication of our emplyees at all levels of the company. The journey begins with a creative design, a process where our talented designers bring innovation and aesthetic finesse to each collection. From the meticulous choice of raw materials to the intricate processing of the yarns. It continues with the adept handling of looms, where our skilled craftsmen weave the fabric of our collections with precision and care.

Beyond the production floor, our skills extend to the strategic composition of collections, a process that requires keen understanding of market trends and customer preferences. Our team is not just knowledgeable about the products, they are attuned to the ever-evolving dynamics of the textile industry, ensuring that our offerings are not just current but also ahead of the curve.

At Muvantex, expertise is not a singular trait but a collective force that synergizes creative vision, quality craftsmanship, and market intelligence. This collaborative approach, woven into our organizational culture, ensures that each employee contributes their specialized knowledge, culminating in a harmonious blend that defines Muvantex’s excellence at every stage of the creation process.

Customer satisfaction in extremis

At Muvantex, customer satisfaction is not just a priority, it’s a commitment. Placing the customer at the absolute center of our operations is more than a philosophy, it’s a practice engrained in our daily approach. Our unwavering dedication to meeting and exceeding customer expectations is evident in every interaction and transaction.

The key to our customer-centric approach lies in the extensive expertise of our employees. With a wealth of knowledge spanning creative design, raw material selection, yarn processing, loom operations, and market dynamics, our team is equipped to address every specific customer need. Whether it’s a request for a unique design, the urgency of (very) fast deliveries, or a special requirement for the contract market, our experts are poised to provide tailored solutions that go beyond the ordinary.
In the rare event that something goes wrong, rest assured that at Muvantex, challenges are seen as opportunities to showcase our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team will go to great lengths to rectify any issues, ensuring that the right solution is swiftly implemented. We understand that exceptional service extends beyond delivering a product, it involves fostering lasting relationships built on trust, reliability, and a genuine commitment to meeting the demands of our valued customers.

At Muvantex, customer satisfaction is a standard that defines one of our company values and underlines our pursuit of excellence in serving our customers.